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Rajbalhat Cultural Circle

Established in 1986 in Rajbalhat

Help each other, then the world will be beautiful

True to its basic principle that ‘ambition is not a vice of little people’, the prime motto of Rajbalhat Cultural Circle, the evergreen educational institute,Health and other of Rajbalhat, is to sweep the vice of illiteracy away from the doors of every villagers of Rajbalhat and its adjacent areas. This cultural organization was established in the year 1986 with the help of some fellow persons who felt the need and urgency of such an institution which might not be proved infectious in damaging the ‘narrow domestic wall’ of illiteracy with the axes of knowledge and understanding. Now, we are in an impeccable condition in spreading the roots of knowledge even in the very hostile soil. In spite of financial and structural difficulties, the members with their unabated and hope ambition  have been trying to fulfill their dream without any remuneration.

Education PROGRAM:
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It is our earnest prayer to your noble heart to extend your hands of financial cooperation and patronise us in all respects, and be a part of our solidarity to stand by people in distress in their hardest struggle for survival.

We organize inclusive events for Eye Donation Campaign.

Flood Relief :

Udaynarayanpur Block , an adjacent to our Jangipara Block , is very known as flood prone areas. During flood, hundreds of people lose their home; paddy field and vegetable field are destroyed. This year too is not an exception. They remained water locked for couple of days. Outbreak of diarrheal disease and respiratory tract infection in children are seen, because of lack of safe drinking water and cooked food units. Members of our society reached the place with drinking water and cooked food to distribute to those distressed families.

Old Age Care Centre- Free Medicine Distribution & Health Check-Up :

         Realising the  distressed and harrowing condition of elderly people in our society, for the last five years we have been arranging various games and refreshment programmes for old people  to boost up their drooping spirit from the  depression of  loneliness and  deteriorating health condition.

Our Other Activities:

The devoted members of  our Institute have been  gradually involved with many more social programmes and activities like organising blood donation camp, Ambulance, Hearse & Oxygen  service, building  book grants for poor and needy students, sending relief materials to Aila and Umphan victimes and many more.

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