Social Service

Our Project For Empowerment Of Rural Women Through Self Employment

     For the last five years we have been running two projects for the empowerment of poor and middle class women of our village and the vicinity.  One of them is tailoring and sewing machine training. Almost 30 women of different age groups are trained by expert trainer with different arts and techniques of tailoring. We have  six sewing machines for expertised training. Many women who have  have taken training in our association have been able to earn their livelihood through self employment.

     Our another project for empowering rural women is the craft of incense stick making. Many women who did not have any means of earning their livelihood, are learning to make incense stick under the guidance of expert trainer. We have availed a motorised tool for heavy production ;  and the products made by them are marketised on regular basis which earns a significant revenue for their family. In this way, we make every attempt to overhaul the downward rural economy especially that supported by rural women.


Plastic And Polythene Eradication Drive Organised By Our Association

We, the senior and junior members of our NGO join hands on every Sunday morning to clear off the plastic and polythene garbage products littered on various places of our village especially the  surrounding areas of the temple of goddess Rajballavi and other places.We have kept four huge fibre drums in different position of the temple premises and  requested the devotees and other people through mike campaign and other means to drop their used plastic and polythenes  in those drums so that the surrounding area may be clean and free from pollution. On each Sunday morning, we collect the non biodegradable  garbage materials namely those plastic, polythene and thermocol products into delivery bags which are later despatched by our garbage carrier to  certain place for further recycle process. We hope that our united effort will encourage others to leave a better and greener earth for our coming generation.

Midday Meal
  • One of our organisation’s chief flagship programs is to carry out Annodan Prokolpo whereby cooked ‘Midday Meal’ is provided everyday to thirty very poor, helpless and infirm old men and women who are in no way able to acquire a square meal each day. Objectives Providing food to those who are disabled, whose family members cannot provide their living due to economic hardships.
Awareness and orientation camp for The Enrichment Of Farmers And Agriculturalist
  • Since Rajbalhat is basically a rural area, and the rural economy is largely supported by agriculture activities, and a large number of family have farming and agricultural work as their chief occupation, we organise awareness and orientation camps  with the farmers of our village and four or five surrounding villages under the guidance of agriculture scientist, activist, and officers of Department of Agriculture, government of West Bengal and government of India. This program is held in our community hall on the onset of monsoon every year. Crop production without the use of chemical fertilizer and harmful pesticides is the main topic of our discussion. How soil fertility can be increased with the use of bio-fertilizer and indigenous seeds and farming process to boost crop production is discussed in such programs. Enthusiastic participation of a great number of farmers of the locality makes this program a grand success.